Three Important Facts About Dental Implants

14 December 2016
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If you are either missing a tooth or plan on going in to the dentist to have one removed, then you will more than likely be planning on having it replaced. You can choose from some different options depending on factors the dentist will go over with you, like the price you can afford, the tooth you need to have replaced, the importance of aesthetics, the shape the rest of your teeth are in, and so forth. Read More 

3 Ways Your Dental Hygienist Can Detect Systemic Disease

28 November 2016
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While a physical examination, lab work, and medical imaging tests are the primary methods of diagnosing health conditions, there are other ways your healthcare providers can detect systemic disease. Your dentist and dental hygienist may be able to detect health problems just by looking inside your mouth. Here are three systemic medical disorders that may cause oral symptoms and what you can do about them: Pale Gums Healthy gum tissue is normally light to medium pink in color. Read More 

How To Use Fresh Hydrogen Peroxide To Rinse And Whiten Your Teeth

7 November 2016
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Most people want whiter teeth, but many would like to try at-home methods that use natural ingredients. One such safe ingredient that is readily available is hydrogen peroxide. Below is how you can use hydrogen peroxide in the privacy and comfort of your own home in order to whiten teeth: The importance of using fresh product Hydrogen peroxide can be found in many commercial teeth whitening agents, and it is also even used by some dentists for whitening. Read More 

Heading Out On An Adventure? 3 Items To Include In Your Dental Emergency Kit

19 October 2016
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Summer may be over but that doesn't mean the outdoor adventures have got to come to a halt. If you're planning some outdoor adventures, make sure you're prepared for all types of emergencies, including the dental type. Dental emergencies can happen anywhere, especially during outdoor activities. To care for your teeth during an emergency, you should always carry a dental first aid kit with you. This kit should contain everything you'll need to care for your teeth should an accident occur. Read More 

2 Herbal Teas To Help Get Rid Of Gum Sensitivity After A Sinus Elevation

30 September 2016
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Premature tooth loss and severe gum disease are a few issues that can cause you to experience early bone loss. If this bone loss occurs towards the back of your mouth near your molars, then your dentist may recommend getting a sinus elevation. A sinus elevation is a surgical procedure that is meant to restore bone growth in the areas that are low on bone. This is needed if you plan to get dental implants in the near future. Read More