Three Important Facts About Dental Implants

14 December 2016
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If you are either missing a tooth or plan on going in to the dentist to have one removed, then you will more than likely be planning on having it replaced. You can choose from some different options depending on factors the dentist will go over with you, like the price you can afford, the tooth you need to have replaced, the importance of aesthetics, the shape the rest of your teeth are in, and so forth. Dental implants can be a good fit, and you can learn three important things you should know about them by reading below.

Getting dental implants is a process

You should prepare yourself for a fairly invasive process if you decide to go through with getting dental implants. You will be required to have an incision made into your gums and to have a post permanently affixed to your jawbone. The healing process is a bit painful, but you will be sent home with the appropriate medication to get you through the healing period in comfort. You may also be sent home with antibiotics to help fend off possible infection.

Dental implants are strong and permanent

Since the dental implants are permanently anchored to your bone, you can count on them to give you a permanent solution to your missing-tooth dilemma. They are designed to look like your own teeth, so they blend in and can't be picked out by others when they are looking at you. They will even feel like your other teeth once you get past the healing process. You can eat, speak, and care for implants just as if they were your real teeth instead.

You need to be a good candidate for dental implants

The dentist will need to give you an exam before determining whether or not you can have dental implants. Your jawbone must have the proper bone density. You also need to be clear of certain dental issues, such as gum disease. You may not be a good candidate if you have some other health issues, such as any issues that may cause you to take longer to heal. If you are proven a good candidate, then the dentist will want to set you up with an appointment to begin the process.

Once you are all through the process of getting dental implants, you will have replacement teeth that you can count on to function just as your others do. Make an appointment with a practice such as Rose City Dental Care to get started.