Heading Out On An Adventure? 3 Items To Include In Your Dental Emergency Kit

19 October 2016
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Summer may be over but that doesn't mean the outdoor adventures have got to come to a halt. If you're planning some outdoor adventures, make sure you're prepared for all types of emergencies, including the dental type. Dental emergencies can happen anywhere, especially during outdoor activities. To care for your teeth during an emergency, you should always carry a dental first aid kit with you. This kit should contain everything you'll need to care for your teeth should an accident occur. Here are some must-have items you'll need in your dental emergency kit.

Dental Floss

You might not equate dental floss with a dental emergency kit, but you should. You never know when something is going to get stuck between your teeth – including particles of a broken tooth. If you chip or break a tooth while you're away from home, you'll want to make sure that all the particles are removed from your mouth. That can be difficult if small pieces get wedged between two healthy teeth. Dental floss can be used to safely remove those small pieces.

Save-a-Tooth Kit

If your tooth gets knocked out while you're on an outdoor adventure, you'll need something to preserve the tooth in. This is particularly true if you're close enough to a town that offers emergency dental services. When packing your dental emergency kit, be sure to include a save-a-tooth kit. The kit should include medical gauze, a small container to hold the tooth, and sterile water.

Use the gauze to stop the bleeding in your mouth. Locate the lost tooth and carefully rinse it off with some of the sterile water. Be careful not to touch the root of the tooth or you could cause permanent damage. Fill the small container with sterile water and place the tooth inside. Close the container and get yourself and the tooth to the nearest dentist. If the root system is intact and the tooth is not damaged, the dentist should be able to replace the tooth and prevent permanent loss.

Pure Vanilla Extract

You never know when you're going to develop a toothache. Even if you have a pain reliever, it can take a few minutes to start working. To provide immediate relief from toothache pain, be sure to carry a bottle of pure vanilla extract in your dental emergency kit. When a toothache occurs, simply dab a small amount of the extract onto your gums. The alcohol in the extract will dull the pain and bring you instant relief.

Now that you're planning some cold-weather adventures, be sure you're prepared for possible dental emergencies. When packing your emergency dental kit, be sure to include the items listed above. In the event of a dental emergency, get to a dentist, such as Matthew C. Cheney, DMD, as quickly as possible.