Four Cosmetic Dental Techniques For Whiter Teeth

17 August 2023
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Having a bright, white smile is often equated with health and, to some degree, self-confidence. However, due to a range of factors, which can include diet, age, and genetics, your teeth may have become discolored over time. Fortunately, the field of cosmetic dentistry has advanced considerably, offering numerous solutions if you are seeking a whiter smile. Read on to find out more about cosmetic dental methods that make teeth look whiter and more healthy.

Teeth Bleaching

Perhaps the most well-known cosmetic dental technique in America, teeth whitening is a relatively straightforward procedure that can dramatically brighten one's smile. While there are over-the-counter products available, the most effective and long-lasting results are often achieved by booking a professional treatment. Dentists utilize high-concentration bleaching agents, ensuring that the teeth are whitened uniformly and safely. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments of this type also employ light activation for enhanced results. It's worth noting that while teeth whitening is effective for stainings caused by factors like food or tobacco, it may not be as effective for intrinsic stains, which occur inside the tooth.

Dental Veneers

As their name implies, veneers are thin shells designed to cover the front surface of the teeth. Typically made from porcelain, dental veneers are custom-made to fit the patient's mouth. As such, they offer a permanent solution to dental discoloration. Besides addressing staining, veneers can also rectify issues like gaps, chips, or misshapen teeth. During this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, a small amount of the tooth's enamel may be removed to ensure a seamless fit. The veneer is then bonded to the tooth using a durable oral adhesive, resulting in a natural, bright smile.

Dental Bonding

If you suffer from specific areas of discoloration, then dental bonding will often offer an effective solution. Using a tooth-colored composite resin, a cosmetic dentist can sculpt, shape, and polish the resin to blend seamlessly with the look of natural teeth. The treatment typically requires just one visit to the dentist but it often lasts for several years with proper care. Furthermore, dental bonding is an excellent option for addressing not only discoloration but also minor chips or gaps.

Porcelain Crowns

In situations where your tooth discoloration might be severe, or when significant structural damage to the tooth is apparent, a porcelain crown may be the recommended option. Crowns are caps that cover the entire visible part of a tooth, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are restored. Made from high-grade ceramic, this form of cosmetic dentistry will mean matching the color of your natural teeth. As such, you can usually achieve a seamless, undetectable color restoration with this approach.

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