Planning To Install Dental Implants? Check If You Qualify

7 February 2023
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If you have finally decided to replace a lost tooth, you may opt to install implants. This treatment is meant to retain the jawbone health, protect the gum tissue, improve the smile, aid oral system function, and boost confidence. But before you visit an oral surgeon, you'll need to confirm if you qualify. Usually, dental experts run a series of tests to check a patient's eligibility. Here are signs you qualify for this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Gums Are Firm and Pink 

Note that the gum tissue must support the implant as it combines with your jawbone. Gums also protect the surgically placed roots from unwanted food particles. On the other hand, if you have unhealthy gums, there is a probability that the implant will not hold as perfectly as it should. Hence, a condition like gum disease should be treated first before getting the implants. Some treatment options include antibiotics, scaling, and laser therapy. Then, once your gums heal, you can take another evaluation to verify your readiness for implants.

Jaw Bone Density Is Good

When you go for too long without fixing a missing tooth, the jawbone area where the roots reside will lack proper stimulation. Due to this, bone density will deteriorate, making it challenging to have a successful procedure. Often this occurs because there isn't adequate room to install an implant. Besides, surgically placed roots should be supported by a sturdy jawbone, so it does not loosen up over time. So, if the dental expert confirms that you have poor bone density, they'll recommend bone grafting. This will take time, but you'll qualify once the bone builds up enough volume to support an artificial tooth.

You Are Healthy

Although your jawbone and gum tissue are vital in determining implant eligibility, the specialist will also check your overall health. Note that although the surgically placed root is installed in the mouth, you will still need to be healthy. This is because it will enable you to heal fast and ensure the implants remain intact and robust for many years. With this in mind, some of the questions you will be asked during the pre-screening will touch on smoking, alcohol consumption, medications, and any other health conditions you might have. Remember, regular alcohol consumption, smoking, certain medications, and conditions like diabetes weaken gum tissue and reduce bone volume.

Dental implants are a reliable replacement for missing teeth. Further, the procedure is ideal for every patient who wants an artificial tooth that functions effectively like the natural one. Therefore, check if you qualify and get the surgery done. Remember, the process may take longer than other treatments, but the results will be long-lasting.

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