The Essentials Of Having A Dental Crown Placed Over Your Tooth

13 July 2022
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There can be many instances where a patient will need to have a crown placed on one or more of their teeth. While a dental crown can be an effective way of protecting a weakened tooth, it is a common situation where a patient may be uninformed about crowns or the types of protection that they will provide.

Dental Crowns Are Not Always Made Out Of Metal

When a patient learns that they will need a crown, they may imagine that this will always be made of metal. In the past, dental crowns were often made of titanium or other non-reactive metals, but modern advances have made it much easier to use porcelain when creating a crown. This can allow the tooth to be protected while minimizing the cosmetic impacts that the crown could create. For most patients, a porcelain crown can be a very discrete solution for restoring the condition of a tooth.

The Dental Crown Will Have To Be Specifically Fitted To The Damaged Tooth

The shape of each tooth is unique and there can be variations from one person to another based on their development as well as the wear that the teeth have experienced over time. To properly apply a crown to a damaged tooth, a patient will need to be properly fitted for the crown, and it will have to be custom-made to fit their tooth. As a result of this, the crown will likely need several days to a week to be made. However, there are some dental clinics that can provide same-day crowns, which can be an option for a patient that wants or needs to have a crown made as soon as possible.

A Dental Crown Will Need To Be Replaced At Some Point

A dental crown will eventually suffer enough wear or even damage to require it to be replaced if the tooth is to continue being protected. While crown damage and failures are rare, one of the more commonly encountered issues can be a crown that loosens. If you notice that your crown is shifting positions, it could indicate that the adhesive that holds the crown to the tooth may be compromised. Having a dentist resecure the crown to the tooth will need to be an urgent need for these patients. Otherwise, they will risk the crown potentially falling off the tooth, which could leave it unprotected and far more vulnerable to breaking or shattering when they chew, sneeze, or even talk.

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