4 Health Benefits Of Dental Implants

27 May 2022
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Dental implant placement is an effective treatment for missing teeth. During surgery, your dentist will cut your gum to access the bone. Then, the dentist drills holes in the bone and places a metal post, which serves the same role as your natural tooth's root. Your dentist then places an abutment on the metal post above the gum line. Finally, the dental care provider places an artificial tooth like a dental crown on the abutment, which functions like a normal tooth. While dental implants offer cosmetic benefits, they also have numerous health benefits. These are the health benefits of dental implant surgery.

Cavity Prevention

When you lose a tooth, for instance, due to an accident or tooth decay, the adjacent teeth may tilt towards the gap left behind. This may lead to teeth misalignment. Crooked teeth provide hiding places for food particles that encourage bacteria to thrive. The bacteria may cause tooth decay that may eventually develop into a cavity. Cavities may cause toothache and bad breath. Fortunately, dental implants replace missing teeth preventing tooth misalignment. Hence, you can easily maintain dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. This helps prevent cavities.

Improved Nutrition

Having gaps in your mouth may cause difficulty in eating hard foods. For instance, you may feel pain when biting hard foods like nuts. So, you may avoid hard foods and stick to soft foods, which may not provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins your body requires. Without sufficient nutrients, your body may become malnourished and weak. Dental implants work like normal teeth and can bite and chew on different food types. This improves nutrition as you can eat different foods that supply your body with essential nutrients. Hence, your body remains healthy.

Jawbone Degeneration Prevention

The roots of your teeth trigger the jaw to produce new cells, maintaining a healthy jaw. However, if you experience tooth loss, your jawbone may remain dormant. The body may reabsorb the jaw by remineralization and direct those nutrients to other active body parts. This eventually leads to jawbone degeneration. Unfortunately, a deteriorated jaw may not be able to support your facial features, leading to facial collapse. Dental implants activate the jaw to regenerate and remain healthy. This helps keep your face intact.

Improved Speech

Gaps in the mouth may cause speech problems as you may not be able to pronounce words correctly. This may affect your social life significantly as you may shy away from having conversations with people. Dental implants fill these gaps, which helps you pronounce words as you would with your natural teeth. This improves speech significantly.

The health benefits of dental implants include improved speech and nutrition and cavity and jaw bone degeneration prevention. Consider getting dental implant treatment to enjoy these health benefits.