Why IV Sedation Dentistry Might Be Right For You

11 March 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Not everyone looks forward to seeing the dentist, and many dentists are now offering IV sedation dentistry services to put patients' minds at greater ease. This form of sedation dentistry is performed with the use of a medication that's formulated to calm anxiety and relax the body. Here are a few reasons why IV sedation dentistry might be the best alternative to the standard approach to dental care.

Can Make You Calmer

If you're nervous about going to the dentist, IV sedation dentistry can put you into a calmer state while the dentist and hygienist work to make your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. With IV sedation dentistry, you won't go to sleep entirely, but you'll be less aware of what's going on during your appointment so that your mind and body will be more at ease. You likely won't notice the sounds of drills, scraping tools and other unpleasant noises that can sometimes make patients fearful when you choose IV sedation dentistry.

Reduces Pain

Pain is a common concern that most people have when they go to the dentist, and IV sedation dentistry can help limit any pain that's felt from a standard teeth cleaning or dental procedure. Sedation may be especially helpful if your procedure is expected to last a while and generate some pain for possibly a prolonged period. If you're receiving multiple treatments that could be painful within the same appointment, IV sedation dentistry can make each treatment go smoother. 

Faster than Oral Sedatives

When the calming medication is administered intravenously, it can enter the bloodstream faster and elicit quicker effects. Oral sedatives usually take longer to go into effect, and this can prolong your anxiety and appointment time if you receive the medicine by mouth instead. The faster results from IV sedation dentistry may also prevent you from having to pay more for a longer appointment time if the effects are quick and the dental staff can get to work without delays.

Prevents Body Reflexes That Could Slow Treatment

If you tend to swallow or flinch a lot during your dental appointments, IV sedation dentistry can prevent these distracting reflexes. The reflexes may be the result of anxiety, and you'll likely experience fewer of them while you're sedated. You'll also probably have an easier time breathing if you feel relaxed and less inclined to fidget with the help of IV sedation dentistry.

You can take a lot of the stress out of going to the dentist by choosing IV sedation dentistry as a treatment alternative. A caring IV sedation dentist will do everything possible to make your time in the dental chair as easy as possible.