Two Reasons Why Your Teeth Feel Uncomfortable During Your Dental Cleaning

3 February 2022
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Do you not like going to the dentist because you often leave with your mouth hurting afterward? Pain after a dental cleaning is not normal, and it's important to know why it could be happening to you.

Cold Sensitivity 

Having cold sensitivity is a problem that people experience when they have issues with gum recession. What is happening is that the cold water the dentist is using is reaching the parts of your teeth that should normally be beneath the gums. Every time your dentist rinses out your mouth with their water sprayer directly on your gums, you feel that cold sensitivity and it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Consider brushing with toothpaste designed to reduce sensitivity. While it is not the solution to receding gums, it can make your dental cleanings more comfortable as a result. Just make sure to avoid rinsing your mouth after using the toothpaste, because you want it to work its way into your teeth for as long as possible.

Gum Discomfort

Sometimes it is not your teeth that feel uncomfortable, but your actual gums are causing the problem. This is caused due to plaque that has hardened and turned into tartar. It's like a rock that has solidified on your teeth which is not going to be removed with regular brushing.

The problem comes from trying to remove tartar that is beneath your gums. You may have inflammation from letting that tartar build-up for an extended period of time, and then be irritated by the dental scaler that is being used to remove the tartar. 

The solution to the discomfort starts with proper home care. You really need to be brushing and flossing regularly, with the toothbrush being angled toward the gums to get rid of the plaque that is within those pockets. If the tartar simply builds up with proper home care, you may need more frequent cleaning appointments so that the tartar isn't as bad to remove. If there is less build-up, you'll experience less discomfort.

If you experience a lot of pain, know that you can request that your dentist use Novocaine to numb your gums so that you do not feel the discomfort. Novocaine doesn't have to be limited to more advanced dental work, such as having a cavity filled. The purpose of using Novocaine is to reduce the amount of pain that you feel, which includes pain from getting your teeth cleaned. 

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