Dentist Vs. Non-Dentist Teeth Whitening: Maybe You Should See The Doctor

22 May 2019
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Stained, discolored teeth detract from appearances. Incredibly, even people who visit the dentist routinely find their teeth stained. Sometimes, regular brushing isn't enough. Once someone becomes tired of looking at stained teeth, the person scours the internet looking for teeth whitening solutions. Not every teeth whitening option, however, comes from a dental practice. Anyone thinking about undergoing any whitening may find it better to have things performed by an actual dentist.

A Dental Visit Makes More Sense

Different teeth whitening procedures are available at non-dental facility locations. Even tanning salons offer options for teeth whitening. The methods may deliver decent results. The reduced cost of these whitening options can make them attractive. No matter what the perceived positives are, don't forget that a dentist remains the best person to care for your teeth. When requesting teeth whitening from a dentist, you gain access to:

  • Access to the Newest Procedures: Dentists frequently stay up to date on cosmetic procedures. Newer, more effective methods commonly replace the old bleaching approach to whitening teeth. Current, higher-end means of teeth whitening usually lead to better, longer results. A visit to the dentist provides a path to getting these results.
  • A Through Cleaning: Dentists won't likely whiten teeth without performing a proper cleaning first. Whitening teeth without adequately cleaning them first might not lead to the best results. Brushing at home probably won't be enough, but a cleaning in the dentist's chair could effectively prime the teeth for whitening.
  • A Health Check: Whitening the teeth outside of the dentist's office could lead someone to not visiting the dentist for a while. After all, the teeth look beautiful. What could be wrong? Without a complete dental health check, no honest answer exists — the dentist checks for cavities, gum infections, and oral cancers.  Wouldn't you want to know if you have any of these problems?
  • An Explanation Why: An important question to ask is "Why did the teeth get so stained in the first place?" Learning an accurate answer could help you keep them from returning quickly to their pre-whitened condition. A dentist may provide an educated opinion as to why the teeth ended up stained and how to prevent the problem from occurring again.

When trying to improve the condition of your teeth, a visit to the dentist makes the most sense. Going outside the dental grid may be easier at times, but you lose access to all the benefits a dentist affords.

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