Overcoming Nervousness When Getting Braces: What You Can Expect Of The Process

17 June 2018
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If you are set to get braces in a few days, you may feel slightly nervous about the process because it is something new and different. It is important to remember that this treatment is going to help you get the healthy, straight teeth you have likely wanted to have all your life. If you have ever felt embarrassed because your teeth are crooked, try to overcome those feelings of nervousness by reminding yourself that wearing braces is going to make a major improvement for your teeth in the future. It also helps to know what to expect in the days leading up to getting your braces.

Getting Your Spacers to Prepare the Teeth

A few days before getting your braces, the orthodontist may want to put spacers between your teeth. The spacers create small gaps between the teeth that make it easier for the braces to go on smoothly. Because the spacers are placed between the teeth, there is a chance you are going to experience some slight discomfort. The best ways to ease the discomfort is to eat cold foods, such as water ice, ice cream, and frozen yogurt and to take some pain-relieving medication when necessary, such as ibuprofen.

Getting Braces Glued On

When it is time for you to get your braces put on, you may be in the office for around two hours. The process takes a bit of time because the orthodontist will need to glue each individual bracket to each individual tooth, which does take some time. Once all brackets are carefully attached to the teeth, the metal wire snaps on to those brackets and then rubber bands are wrapped around each of the brackets. The rubber bands are used on the brackets to get the teeth to line up in the right position, ultimately leading to much straighter teeth in the future.

After you have your braces glued on, it will take some time to get used to them. After all, you will now have metal brackets in your mouth. However, once you have been wearing them for a few days, you will start to forget all about them and it will start to feel more normal to eat, brush your teeth, and drink different things when wearing your braces.

Receiving Monthly Treatment

Once you have your braces on, you will still need to visit the orthodontist on a monthly basis. The orthodontist will examine your progress, change the rubber bands, and make any necessary adjustments to your wires. You will continue to see the orthodontist each month until it is finally time to have them removed for good.

You may feel nervous about getting braces, but you have nothing to worry about. While you may experience some discomfort in the beginning, wearing braces is a good thing because it means you are that much closer to having the flawless smile you have always wanted.