Reasons To Choose Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures

16 February 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you have several bad teeth and are looking at your options for restoring your oral health and smile, dental implants could be high on your list. When you discuss possible treatment with your dentist, you might be given the choice of traditional dentures or implants. Implants could be the best choice for you because they are almost as good as having healthy natural teeth. Here are some reasons to consider getting implants.

Implants Are Secure While Dentures Can Slip

Depending on your dental condition, your dentist may recommend a few implants or you might need all your teeth pulled and have implants installed to hold onto your dentures. If you do need dentures, then holding them in place with implants is a good idea because this helps you avoid problems with denture slipping. Traditional dentures can slip or pop up at the worst of times.

Your teeth may come out when you're eating, laughing, or talking. Loose dentures can interfere with your speech and cause whistling noises. Not only that, loose-fitting dentures can make your gums sore and make wearing the dentures uncomfortable. All of these problems are eliminated with implants because the denture plates snap onto the implants and don't come off until you remove them for brushing.

You Can Eat Any Food You Like With Implants

You don't have to restrict your diet when you have implants put in. Your teeth are strong enough to rip meat, eat corn on the cob, and crunch raw vegetables. While you can eat sticky, crunchy, and tough foods just like you can with your natural teeth, you'll still want to avoid things that can chip your teeth. Crunching on hard ice or using your teeth to open things is not a good idea because a crown can chip just like a normal chip can.

You Want Your Teeth To Look Natural

Whether you have several individual implants with crowns or implants with dentures, your smile will look natural. If you don't want it to be obvious that you've had extensive dental work, then implants are a good idea. The crowns they support are made of porcelain so they look like real enamel. The crowns are held tightly so when you smile, they look just like they are your real teeth. However, when you get crowns or implant dentures, your smile can be even better than it was naturally. Your new teeth can have a different shape and length so they all match. You can also choose crowns or dentures several shades whiter than your old teeth so you have a permanent bright smile.