Smile! Cuz It Looks Great!

12 August 2017
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It takes quite a few things to all come together in order for you to have a great looking smile. Not only do you want them to be white, but you also want them to be nicely spaced, straight, all the proper length, free of cavities, free of chips and more. Here are some tips for keeping your teeth looking nice:

Have crooked teeth straightened for a better smile

If you didn't have your teeth straightened as a child, then you'll need to do it now. Luckily, you have plenty of options. Some of them work faster, but may be more expensive or obvious. Others can take longer, but will be easier on your pocketbook and may be less noticeable. Some of your best options for teeth straightening are:

  • Braces: Braces now come in different styles so they can be worn on the front or back of your teeth and they can come in different colors, so you have some choices with regards to how obvious it is that you are wearing them.
  • Invisalign appliances: Invisalign appliances are more comfortable since they are plastic sleeves that slide over your teeth and put pressure that moves the teeth slowly. Be prepared for the process to take longer, but they tend to cost less than the aforementioned option.
  • Crowns or veneers: if you have slightly crookedness to your teeth, crowns or veneers can be valid options. There is a fantastic benefit to going with one of these options and that is you can straighten your teeth in just a couple of visits to the office.
  • Fix visual issues like gaps, chips or breaks: Cosmetic issues like gaps, chips or breaks can be fixed by having caps, crowns or veneers put on certain teeth to complete gaps. The dentist can rebuild breaks, add some thickness to thin teeth or even create longer teeth with hand help tools and bonding material. This can help you maintain a natural smile.
  • Fix improperly shaped teeth: If you happen to have one tooth that's longer than the others to the point of standing out from the others, then the dentist may be able to bring it down in length simply by using a dental file on the tooth.
  • Get whiter teeth for yourself: If you have teeth that aren't as pearly white as you would like then the best thing to do is get a laser or bleaching treatment from your dental hygienists at your dental office.

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