What Others Might Be Saying About Your Teeth

7 July 2017
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You always want to put your best foot forward. This is true not just in the effort you put forth each day to be productive, but also the case when it comes to your appearance. This is especially the case when it comes to your teeth. Failure to care for your teeth and maintain good oral health could send the wrong message to others:

Missing Teeth

To others, missing teeth can send a message of personal neglect. While there are always exceptions, missing teeth generally are the result of poorly maintained oral health. To some people, this personal neglect might serve as a sign that if you aren't committed to taking care of your own self, you might be less professional and less reliable, which can also mean less dependable. Missing teeth can also cause some people to feel less confident, which will affect how they are portrayed as well.


Extreme teeth discoloration can also be portrayed in a less than positive light by others. Whether it's due to stains from your diet choices to an oral health concern, such as decay, discoloration can hinder your smile and make people judge you as someone who doesn't care about their appearance. In personal and professional relationships, this can backfire and make people second-guess whether they should enter any type of partnership with you. Teeth whitening services are an easy option that will improve your look.

Foul Breath

If your breath has a foul odor on a regular basis, this might cause some people to judge you and assume you have poor hygiene practices. Again, this can affect you in both the personal and professional realm. If people assume that you aren't taking the time to maintain good hygiene and oral health, they may assume that you will take a lackluster approach in other areas of your life. Since breath odors don't always have to be hygiene related, being seen by a provider is a good idea to get to the bottom of the problem.

Why It Matters?

It would be an awesome place if people didn't judge others, but unfortunately, that's not the way of the world. Not only do random people walking down the street judge, but employers can also fall victim to this habit sometimes. If your teeth are sending out the wrong message, this could cause you to miss out on a number of opportunities. Let a dental professional help you.

If you are dealing with a dental health concern, a professional can help you. From missing teeth to whitening treatments, seek a professional for assistance and to ensure you're sending a positive message to others. 

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