3 Ways To Combat Your Fear Of The Dentist

24 February 2015
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It is important that you have regular dental cleanings and checkups. This can be difficult, however, if you have a great fear of the dentist. Below are three ways you can help with this problem, including choosing a dental spa, talking with your dentist before your treatment begins, and learning techniques to help you cope with your anxiety and stress.

Visit a Dental Spa

Instead of going to a traditional dentist's office, you can choose a dental spa instead. These spas are designed to make you feel more comfortable while you are there, which can help ease your fears.

For example, they may have scents and waterfalls to help you relax. Some dental spas also offer their patients comfortable blankets while they are in the dentist chair, as well as personal DVD players so you can watch a movie to keep you distracted.

The dental spa may also offer other services. For example, they may employ licensed massage therapists to give you a soothing massage, as well as employ someone to provide facials, acupuncture, and more.

Signal Your Dentist

Talk with your dentist before you have your procedure about ways you can signal them if you are uncomfortable. For example, you may tell them you will raise one leg if you are feeling pain, or raise an arm if you feel like you are choking.

Learn Coping Techniques

There are coping techniques you can use to get you through your dental appointment. Listen to funny books through some earphones, or your favorite upbeat or music that helps you feel calm.  These things can also help cover up the sound of the feared dental drill.

Learn some relaxation techniques you can use while you are at the dentist. For example, you can use imagery and imagine a place that helps you feel at peace.  Take deep breaths to help keep your body relaxed. Progressive relaxation, which is relaxing every muscle in your body starting the top and moving your way down to your toes, can also help. This can reduce muscle tension, which can help reduce the amount of pain you feel.

One of the most important things you can do is to talk with your dentist before you go in for any procedures. Knowing what is going to happen beforehand can help ease your fears.  Also remember that following a good dental hygiene plan can keep you from having to go to the dentist more often.  For more information, contact a local dental clinic, like Randolph Dental Group.