How Getting Dental Implants Can Improve Your Overall Health

16 January 2015
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Having issues with your mouth can range from painful teeth, tooth loss and overall embarrassment. Whether you are missing a front tooth or a back molar, each situation presents its own set of problems. Rather than living without a tooth or having to deal with a cracked or jagged-edged tooth, dental implants are a positive solution. Here are just some ways that seeking out dental implants for your missing teeth can help improve your overall health and lifestyle.


When you have missing teeth, the first thing you may want to do is cover up your mouth and your smile. Almost any missing tooth can be visible to others and make you feel uneasy about being face to face with people. A qualified dentist, periodontist or cosmetic surgeon will examine your mouth to determine if your tooth loss can be safely and effectively replaced with a dental implant. Dental implants are either endosteal (in the bone) or subperiosteal (on top of the bone.) Depending on the amount of implants you need and the condition of your bone, your periodontist or dentist will decide on the best option. Your mouth will be measured to provide the exact dimensions for your missing tooth. Dental implants are permanent, so you can treat your new tooth or teeth just like you would the rest of the teeth in your mouth. The end result is a fixated tooth that helps complete your overall smile.

Improved Oral Health

Missing teeth can affect your oral health. When a bottom molar is missing, your top molar has to compensate for it. When you bite down, there is no tooth for the upper molar to press down on. Over time, this can lead to the top tooth dropping down and becoming misplaced. The result is more cracks in the tooth and eventually decay and loss if not properly treated. A dental implant will replace the original broken tooth and restore your overall dental imprint.

Reduced Risk For Disease 

Having broken or jagged teeth puts your mouth at an increase for infection and gum disease. Tartar and bacteria can easily set in to broken crevices, leading to decay. Decay can cause widespread tooth loss and possibly affect other things such as heart health. A widespread infection or periodontal disease can reach your bloodstream. When this happens, sepsis can occur—which is a life-threatening infection that needs immediate medical treatment. Having new teeth seals up areas that are prone to infection.

Better Eating Habits

Having dental implants placed in your mouth means your eating habits are restored. You may have been eating on only one side of your mouth or eating certain soft foods to get by. Missing teeth can lead to choking or the inability to chew and swallow foods properly. You can once again lead a healthy lifestyle by not having limits placed on what you can chew and swallow. Dental implants work as real teeth and won't break or crack under pressure.

In addition to changing your appearance, there are many advantages to getting dental implants. Your smile is important and so is your quality of life. Don't waste another day without the gift of a full set of teeth.