Five Amazing Color Ideas For Your Braces

11 June 2015
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One of the benefits of best getting braces is that you can customize the colors that they appear as. Even better yet, they aren't permanent, so you can change the colors at your regular orthodontist visit. Want to make the most of this and have the most stylish braces in town? Read on for five amazing color scheme ideas!

Team Spirit

Want to show some support for your school or favorite sports team?  Maybe a big game is coming up, either nationally or just locally, such as Homecoming. Maybe you even have friends in the local team. In this case, going with team colors for your braces is the way to go! This is a fantastic way to show your school or hometown spirit every time you smile.

Holiday Colors

Is Christmas coming up? Why not go for red and green? Got a Halloween party you're going to? Try orange and black.  And of course, you'll want to go green for St. Patrick's Day and pastels for Easter. You'll be the most festive person around with braces that are color coordinated to the latest holiday.

Dark Shades For Whiter Teeth

Here's a little trick that your orthodontist may or may not have told you about: darker colors tend to make your teeth appear whiter due to the contrast between the dark color and your lighter tooth. If this sounds like something you want to experiment with, try a deep blue or purple and see if this works for you.

Precious Metals

Have you tried silver and gold?  The great thing about these colors is that they don't stick out as much as some of the flashier colors might, but they still have a theme which is visible to people who notice. Silver and gold have been considered highly valuable for generations-- bring the luck to your teeth!

Be The Life of the Party

If you know you have a big event coming up, you can color coordinate your braces for that specific event.  For prom, you can match the color of your braces to the color of your dress or suit.  Take it even further with a themed party: If it's 80's Day, go with hot neon colors. Is it a Halloween or similarly spooky-themed party? Check out glow in the dark braces. The possibilities are endless.

Don't let braces get you down-- with a little bit of creativity you can turn your braces into the ultimate fashion statement with help from your orthodontist!